Akazi muri IPRC, Imyanya 2 (DEADLINE: 05/10/2014)

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  • Akazi muri  IPRC, Imyanya 2 (DEADLINE: 05/10/2014)

Akazi muri IPRC, Imyanya 2 (DEADLINE: 05/10/2014)

IPRC - Kigali is looking for competent and qualified candidates for the following posts:

Masonry Workshop Instructors.

Procurement Officer.

Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre IPRC-Kigali is a training institution that provides technical education and vocational training (TVET) at all levels in order to empower students and to enhance their opportunities for career advancement and success in a global economy.

JOB POSITION: Procurement Officer (1)


The Employee shall be responsible for advising on all procurement processes entailing procurement according to the procurement Law but specifically his key duties/responsibilities will include

Preparation and publication of general notices, specific notices and requests for expressions of interest;

Preparation of tender documents

Preparation of the annual procurement plan and provide direction for its implementation on timely and efficient manner

Procurement of works, goods and services in line with the national procedures

Draw up request for proposals and the consultants shortlist on the basis of elements and specifications of services

Participate in the opening and evaluation process of technical and financial proposals, take minutes of evaluation process, coordinate and participate in the negotiation process when required

Liaise with IPRC Kigali user department to ensure the implementation of activities in compliance with the set procurement guidelines and procedures and in the terms of contract.

Supervision of the preparation of contract in collaboration with the legal adviser

Ensure adequate contract execution in collaboration with beneficiary units.

Receipt and safe keeping of bids

The specific duties for the procurement officer are as follows:

Setting up a filing system for all documents related to procurement

Setting up a reporting system of procurement activities to IPRC Kigali management. WDA and RPPA as may be deemed necessary.

Handling specific bid as may be determined by IPRC Kigali management depending on the size of the tender or its importance


Bachelor’s degree in management or post graduate Diploma in Procurement and 3 years experience as a procurement officer with evident justifications.

2. Instructors in Masonry workshop On a Contract Basis (1)


Key Responsibilities:

To instruct students in the workshop.

To prepare materials and practical exercises.

To plan and design workshop training exercise for students.

To assist final year students in building up their final practical projects.

To participate in the planning development, controlling and running of curriculum.

Assist in repair and maintenance of Workshop facilities.

Preparing lesson plans, organizing and delivering training sessions.

Provide individual support for the students (including guidance and counseling

Take part in the technical and pedagogical reinforcement Initiatives.

Participate in the income generating activities.


A1 in engineering with 1 year teaching experience in related field. Or (A1) in civil engineering construction technology with 3 years experience in related field.

Application file shall be composed of: Two copies of your certificates attached to the application form, a photocopy of National ID.

Application will be submitted to the head of central secretariat at the reception not later than 5th /10/2014 at 4:00pm.

NB: Application forms are available on the web-site of IPRC (www.iprckigali.ac.rw ) and to the Website of Public service Commission


Principal IPRC Kigali.

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