Akazi muri NFT Consult Ltd : Imyanya 6 (DEADLINE 17/11/2014)

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  • Akazi muri NFT Consult Ltd : Imyanya 6 (DEADLINE 17/11/2014)

Akazi muri NFT Consult Ltd : Imyanya 6 (DEADLINE 17/11/2014)

NFT Consult Ltd is a Human Resource Management firm offering a variety of services with emphasis in Recruitment, staff outsourcing, Training and Personal Development Our Client is USAID funded project whose goal is to increase smallholder incomes by promoting private sector investments— internationally and domestically - that contribute to the Government of Rwanda’s (GoR’s) Vision 2020 aim of "training ’ agriculture into a market-oriented, competitive, and high value sector’ They are looking for competent candidates to RI the positions below.

1. KM and capacity building specialist

Job Objective

Key responsibilities include strengthening the ability of partners to identify their own information and capacity needs, be able to effectively collect and analyze such information, and thereby assess progress towards strategic objectives. The role will support partners in documenting evidence of project impact through regular and systematic outcome assessment. S/he will have the overall responsibility for providing strategic support, guidance and capacity building in monitoring and knowledge management of partner civil society organizations. He/she will ensure that learning is used to improve program strategies and approaches.

Lead the development and oversee the implementation of a comprehensive knowledge management and communication strategy.

Identify and oversee the implementation of innovative approaches to disseminate information and learning to project partners and external stakeholders.

Identify and execute strategies for closing knowledge gaps within existing systems and propose streamlined approaches to advance knowledge of the main program interventions

Provide leadership for integrating into existing knowledge management approaches, processes, and systems.

Provide oversight and guidance for strategic information dissemination and technical assistance for writing and editing publications.

Ensure communications are consistent in messaging across the program and aligned with overall goals and strategies.

Oversee capacity building and support for internal knowledge acquisition, management and sharing; ensure relevant communities of practice are developed and strengthened. Support development of staff, consultants and key partners and collaborators to become “knowledge professionals” through the identification of learning opportunities to ensure a pipeline of professional expertise and advice on all aspects of knowledge management as required.

The ability to design capacity building strategies based on clear needs identification and understanding of the operating context, and demonstrable experience of working with civil society organizations and with the implementation of this program


Master’s degree in communications or social sciences; emphasis information-related aspects of international development or equivalent experience strongly preferred.

More than 5 years relevant professional experience in international development, including experience closely related to knowledge management, organizational learning, capacity building and other related fields.

Proven facilitation and collaboration skills working with Multi-level stakeholders, including technical and subject matter experts, government agencies, local partners, researchers and others.

Ability to develop and implement training programs

Experience with web platforms (e.g.Drupal and SharePoint), electronic communications, social media, and knowledge management principles.

Proven ability to organize and share information effectively.

Experience designing and implementing strategic communication plans.

Experience developing program dissemination plans, tools, and products.

Computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite, SharePoint, and graphic design software (i.e Photoshop).

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2. Grants and procurement officer

Job Objective

The Grants and Procurement Officer is in charge of the implementation and management of the project’s procurement activities and work under the supervision of the Operations and Finance Manager and in close collaboration with the Grants Manager as it relates to the project‘s grants activities .

A. Key Duties and Responsibilities

More specifically, the responsibilities of the Grants and Procurement Officer include:

1. Procurement of services and equipment

The Grants and Procurement Officer is responsible for the implementation of an efficient procurement system that follow the Donor and HO rules and regulations as detailed below:

Ensure that the procedures have been followed in the selection of service providers, partners and consultants: elaboration of terms of reference, requests for bids, receipt of technical and financial offers and documentation of the selection process through an evaluation memo or the “vendor selection form”.

Check the selected organizations institutional status and obtains the Due diligence documentation, in coordination with the Project Compliance Officer.

Ensure that the costs are reasonable and authorized: Negotiates with the providers and partners the activities detailed budgets with all supporting documents as required (Biodata sheets for human resources, pro-forma invoices for procurement, etc.).

Ensure that consultants’ daily rates are duly approved and documented.

Prepare contracts according to the approved templates, terms of reference, budgets, modalities and daily rates.

Assists the project in the update of procedures manual and any other document as required.

Assists the Grants Manager in the acquisition of equipment in relation to grants provided to partner organizations working in close coordination with the technical team.

Liaise with the accounting team on the payment of approved deliverables according to signed contracts.

Ensure an efficient filing of all documentation related to contractual activities.

Provides any information/data pertaining to procurement matters as needed.

2. Local Staff management

Assists the PCE in the management of local staff in accordance with the Labor Law, the Donor and HO procedures.

Assists the project in any other administrative matters as needed.

Executes any other duty assigned in accordance with the terms of reference and project’s objectives.


University degree in organization/project management or financial management

3 years of proven experience in the management of various types of grants

Excellent knowledge of USAID procurement grants management procedures

Excellent communication and writing skills in English

Mastery of basic office software (Internet, Outlook, Excel, MS Word, etc) and ability to develop and implement various grants management tools

Able to work without supervision and take initiatives.

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3. Communications Manager

Job Objective

The Communications Manager is responsible for the development and implementation of relevant approaches and communication tools that support the project objectives. He/she works under the direct supervision of the Deputy Chief of Party.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Develop communication tools and approaches in support to the overall economic growth initiatives.

Ensure that the communication tools are well understood and used by all targeted beneficiaries.

Ensure the quality of the Project reports and presentations in compliance with the USAID branding and format.

Ensure that the technical reports and presentations are readily available in electronic and hard copies format.

Liaise with USAID as it relates to communication matters.

Capture and house all project related photos per activity and date

Develop an information bulletin in electronic format, as well as short films on the project’s activities with the support of audiovisual service providers.

Supervise the activities carried out by the providers in charge of the development of communication supports and tools as well as the organization of events.

Ensure the administrative management of the activities carried out by the communication service providers (Purchase orders, etc…).

Ensure the efficient communication of the project success stories in newspapers and magazines.

Ensure a proper visibility of the project in all intervention areas and with the various targeted partners.

Manage the internal communication of the press review regarding project related activities.

Liaise with the press on the project’s activities.

Assist in the conception and implementation and monitoring of communication activities in concordance with the close-out plan as per approved close-out plan.

Execute any other duties falling within the Project objectives and the employee’s responsibilities and skills.


The work will be carried out under the supervision of the Project Deputy Chief of Party.


University degree (Bac + 4 level) in communication or related field

5 years of experience in managing the communication component of a large organization or project

Experience in developing and implementing communication events and tools

Knowledge of the agriculture sector and major challenges

Familiarity with Rwanda press/media environment

Knowledge of USAID procedures related to communication

Strong oral and written communication skills in French and working knowledge of English

Strong negotiation, interpersonal and collaborative skills

Mastery of office management softwares (MS Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.)

Past experience with a USAID funded project would be appreciated.

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4. Office and logistics manager

Job Objective

The Office Manager ensures that the administrative and logistical support needed for a smooth operation of the project is provided to the team, in accordance with the approved procedures. She/he works under the direct supervision of the HR and Finance Manager.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

1. Supervision of the administration personnel

Supervise the office administration staff (Secretary/receptionist) in the execution of their duties.

Supervise the drivers: programming the vehicles outings, checking of vehicle logbooks and fuel consumption, etc.

Supervise the regional administrative assistants in the execution of their regular activities.

2. Administrative management

Ensure the purchase of office equipment and supplies needed for a smooth operation of the project: selection of suppliers, purchase, delivery of equipment and supplies and payment of bills, etc.

Coordinate with the Accounting team the purchase of fuel for the project

Manage the motor pool (maintenance, insurance, update of documents as needed).

Manage the contracts signed with service providers and landlords (rent of office space and expatriates’ residences, guard and cleaning services, maintenance of equipment, utilities: water, electricity, telephone, etc.).

Manage the health insurance policy subscribed to cover the PCE staff members’ medical bills: monitoring of reimbursements and closing of the accounts at the end of the project.

Coordinate the processing of tax exonerations for the projects’ transactions as well as the temporary admission of project vehicles.

Coordinate the logistical support required for field trips and the organization of workshops or events with the secretary and assistants.

Coordinates with the Donor to obtain the required long-term visas for the expatriate staff and their family.

Take care of the delivery and shipping of the expatriate staff personal effects as needed.

2. Other duties

Carry out any other duties falling within her work and kills.


The work will be carried out under the supervision of the Finance and Operations Manager.


University degree in administration/management of organizations or projects

5 years of proven experience working in the same position for large organizations or projects

Good knowledge of USAID administration procedures

Excellent communication skills in French and good understanding of the English language

Good knowledge of equipment inventory management

Mastery of the basic office computer software (MS Words, Excel, Outlook, etc.)

Able to work autonomously taking initiatives without supervision

Strong organization and interpersonal communication skills and ability to manage a large team including support and administrative staff

Past experience with USAID funded projects would be highly appreciated.

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Job Objective

Under the supervision of the Office& Logistic Manager, the Secretary/Receptionist will manage the office telephone booth welcome visitors and provide support to any administrative activities as needed.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

She/he will specifically perform the following tasks:

Management of the office Reception and Telephone booth

Answer incoming calls; deck the staff’s availability before transferring the call;

Take messages when the requested person is out of the office or away from his/her desk;

Place telephone calls requested by the staff and transmit them accordingly as quickly as possible. If the line is busy, keep the requester informed of the situation;

Receive the incoming mail, record it immediately and transmit it to the person concerned;

Contact the professional staff to request the names of the people or partners they will be meeting with during the day,

Welcome the visitors, verify ff they are expected, before notifying the person concerned. When the person is not available, or when the visitor is not expected, ask for his/her contacts for an eventual scheduling of a meeting;

Receive responses to calls for bids and recruitment announcements, legs them, and transmits them to the appropriate staff member,

Receive the daffy newspapers which the project has subscribed to. Update the Excel file, and transmit it to the Communication Specialist at the end of the month, verify+ the vendor’s bill and prepares the paperwork for payment,

Respond to information requests regarding the project If she/he does not have the information, transfers the request to the person Likely to have the proper information;

Update the telephone directory as needed;

Ensure the delver), of the outgoing mail according to the drivers’ availability, using the register book:

Make sure that the reception MOM is dean and wet maintained.

Assist In various administrative duties as required:

Draft processes and files various documents and correspondences;

Monitor the motor pod maintenance sheet;

Coordinate the planning of vehicles and drivers’ assignments, (Kigali and field trips);

Assist in the purchase of office supplies: seeking proforma invoices, preparing Purchase Orders and payment documentation. etc:

Coordinate field trips logistical support hotel reservation, preparation of travel authorizations advance requests, etc;

Assist the stall in the organization of their meetings (making of appointments);

Coordinate the signature of various documents by the Chief of Party;

Prepare any supporting documents related to the administrative tasks

Performs any other task assigned radar her work aid according to her skills.


The work will be carried out under the supervision of to Office & Logistic Manager.


Diploma in secretarial work or management (HS Diploma 2 level)

3 years of experience working in the same position for a large scale organization / project

Good witting and communication skits in French and able to satisfy routine demands in English (answering telephone cats, etc)

Full mastery of basic computer tools (outlook, Internet, MS Words, Excel, etc.)

Organized and able to work under pressure with a light supervision

Good communication and interpersonal skills

Past experience with a USAID funded project would be appreciated.

6. Driver

Job Objective

The Driver will be responsible for transporting the staff members and consultants recruited by the project during their official trips while ensuring maintenance of the vehicle assigned to him in accordance with the established procedures. He works under the direct supervision of the Office & Logistic Manager.

1. Key Duties and Responsibilities

Maintain daily the vehicle to ensure that it functions in the best conditions of comfort and security for the persons transported.

Ensure the distribution of mail, the delivery and receipt of goods and consumables procured by the project.

Signal to the supervisor any problems encountered during trips and inform him/her of the required maintenance and repairs; and one month in advance, the expiration date of the vehicle documents (temporary admission, insurance, etc…).

Fill out on a daily basis the timesheet, and submit it at the end of each month to the supervisor, for approval.

Scrupulously respect the vehicles management procedures:

Prohibition to use the vehicles for personal purposes unless in exceptional cases approved by the Project Director. In these cases, the Project accounting will bill the cost to that person.

Prohibition to transport any person not specifically mentioned in the travel authorization during field trips or the person designated by the supervisor for in town trips.

During the trips in town and outside Dakar, correctly and regularly fill out the vehicle log book. The log book must be left in the vehicles. Fill out the forms implemented for the filling of fuel and justify each filing of fuel. Submit the vehicle log book to the supervisor for verification as per established procedures.

During field missions, trips are supervised by the mission leader who has to sign the vehicle log book. However, the driver has to ensure the security of the vehicle and its content; he also has to park it in safe locations.

Fastening safety belts in the vehicle while travelling in town or outside of Dakar.

Make sure that a first-aid kit, a torch with batteries, a tool kit and a spare wheel in good condition are available in the vehicle.

Always have his driver’s license available for controls.

Avoid travelling during the night after 08.00 pm in coordination with the head of mission.

Inform immediately the supervisor in case of accident, damage or any significant occurrence during travel.

Respect the prohibitions to smoke or use cell phones while driving as well as speed limits.

Show assiduity, availability and discretion in the performance of his duties.

Assist in the close-out process as needed: physical inventory and transfer of equipment to the beneficiaries, etc.

Perform any other task as required for the good operation of the project, under his work and according to his skills.


The driver works under the direct supervision of the Office and Logistics Manager.


5 years of working experience as a driver for a large organization/project using vehicle management tools

Valid driving license and perfect mastery of the highway code (code de la route)

Proven experience in driving of 4X4 vehicles in rural areas and using the vehicle management tools

Sufficient knowledge of the English language to communicate and fill out the vehicle management tools

Willing to work under pressure with a light supervision and respect regulations

Able to organize travel itineraries to optimize vehicle usage

Past experience with a USAID funded project would be appreciated

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How to apply

Applications clearly indicating the vacancy with CV’s details should be addressed and uploaded onto Links above

Only Ms Word applications or PDF files will be considered.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Deadline for submission: 17th November 2014.

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