Akazi muri Nyabihu Potato Company: Imyanya 5 (DEADLINE: 01/12/2014)

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  • Akazi muri Nyabihu Potato Company: Imyanya 5 (DEADLINE: 01/12/2014)

Akazi muri Nyabihu Potato Company: Imyanya 5 (DEADLINE: 01/12/2014)


Nyabihu Potato Company is a potato processing company set up to produce a variety of products from potatoes in Northern Province, Nyabihu District. NPC is a start-up company, one among many Community Processing Centres set up by MINICOM together with BDF in a bid to transfer technology and add value to local produce in the country. NPC is seeking to recruit enthusiastic individuals that can kick start this company.

1. Managing Director


Successfully implementing company policy

Developing and executing strategic plans

Maintaining dialogue between shareholders and the board

Controlling and managing the FINANCES of the company

Building, maintaining and driving an effective management team

Assuming full accountability to the board for the company’s development, operations, growth and profitability.


Good understanding of operations, marketing and financial management

Strong sales and business development experience

An eye for detail, good at planning and organising

Strong communication skills

A good leader; the courage to make difficult decisions when required

Entrepreneurial traits or experience


· At least five(5) years’ experience in a similar role in the food or agro processing and beverage industries

· Managerial experience required

· An understanding and experience with the Rwandan fast moving processed foods industry preferred.

· Good understanding of market quality standards; both local and export


· At least a first degree in Business Management, Economics or related fields

· MBA preferred


· Competitive compensation with employee STOCK OPTIONS

2. Marketing Manager


Developing marketing and distribution channels

Growing sales, developing and promoting the NPC brand

Monitoring market trends, conducting market research, developing comprehensive marketing strategies and plans for the company and executing same

Carrying out consumer research, market feedback analysis and leading the company’s customers satisfaction program.

Writing and presenting reports to stakeholders and senior management

Overseeing a team of junior staff


Deep understanding of marketing principles, analysis and execution.

Strong sales and marketing drive.

Ability to think outside the box, initiate, develop and execute innovative sales and marketing strategies to drive sales.

Team player; Ability to delegate and motivate others

The ability to work to deadlines and cope with the consequent pressure

Good verbal and written communication skills; Good numerical skills; Strong organisational skills

Self-confidence to sell ideas and brief agencies and the marketing team

Strong multi-tasking skills


· At least five (5) years’ experience in marketing packaged food products or in a similar role.

· Experience in the marketing of fast moving consumer goods for export is an added advantage

· Experience in distribution and supply chain management


· At least a first degree in marketing or related field

3. Production and Quality Control Manager


Ensure the optimized, effective and efficient production of the company’s products

Management of production department’s resources

Develop the following

1. SOP’s for the factory

2. EHS policy, manuals, training etc (should include waste management)

3. CIP


5. ERP

Ensuring that quality control standards and processes are managed well and adhered to guarantee that the company’s products are of quality and meets acceptable standards.

Ensure documentation and regular updates of production processes in value chain manner so as to know junctures in the production process that create value and those that do not.

Ensure good management, protection and maintenance of the company’s production buildings, machines, equipment, tools and supplies.

Perform capacity planning, scheduling and input management and execute same to ensure efficient and smooth production.

Produce detailed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual production reports for managerial decisions.

Liaise closely with all other Heads of Departments to ensure that production processes run smoothly, meet deadlines, and stay within budgets.

Manage, supervise, coach, train and motivate production employees.

Ensure that all statutory compliance requirements are met an adhered (certifications, RBS standards, EHS standards, ISO etc).


· At least three (3) years’ experience in production and quality control management in the agro processing or food and beverage industries or in a similar role.

Knowledge of problems and solutions linked to small and medium enterprises involved in Agro-processing.

General factory operations management experience.

Budgeting, Production planning, Capacity Planning, Scheduling, Inventory Management, Total Productive Maintenance, Quality Control and Process Improvement, EHS, etc

Ability to work independently, set aggressive schedules, and take initiatives

Ability to work as part of a team, think creatively, lead and manage.

Strong analytical, communication and reporting skills

Ability to speak and write clearly in English and or French. Speaking of Kinyarwanda is an added advantage

Having a degree in agronomy will be an added value.


· At least a first degree or professional certificate in Operations Management or a related field


· Demonstrated and verifiable work experience in a similar role.

4. Production Line Supervisor


Responsible for overseeing the production process and lines for all the company products

Oversee the grading, washing, peeling, cutting, frying packaging and storing of potato and potato products.

Ensuring quality control during production

Managing and leading the factory floor production team

Keep records throughout all production processes and submit them to the PQCM or to other higher authorities on time as required.

Coach, train and orient new production recruits.

Ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of the production rooms, machines and equipment.

Ensure management and maintenance of equipment, machinery and tools used in production activities.

Other duties as assigned by the appropriate supervisorverbally or in writing.


A minimum of three (3) years’ work experience in a food processing plant or related plant

Demonstrated experience in figuring out causes of operating errors, bottlenecks, conducting problem root cause analyses, and solving problems

Practical experience in repair and maintenance of machines or agro processing equipment will be an added advantage.


Having diploma in Food Science, Agro Business and any other related field.

Ability to speak and write clearly, articulately, and fluently in both Kinyarwanda and English or Kinyarwanda and French preferred.

5. Technician


Installation, maintenance and repairing of all company’s equipment and machines

Assemble, test, and maintain electrical, electronic and mechanical apparatuses and machines.

Diagnose malfunction systems apparatuses and components using test equipment and hand tools to locate the cause of a breakdown and correct the problem.

Direct and train workers to install, maintain or repair mechanical/ electrical systems of apparatus/equipment and fixtures

Inspect mechanical and electrical systems, equipment and components to identify hazards, defects and the needs for adjustment or repair and to ensure compliance with codes

Plan layout and installation of mechanical and electrical wiring for equipment based on job specifications and local regulations.

Test electrical and mechanical systems to ensure safety

To collaborate with national power regulation Authority per electrical safety issues


A minimum of three (3) years’ work experience in a food processing plant preferred. Experience in a manufacturing or processing plant or similar role welcomed.

Demonstrated ability to determine causes of operating errors and decide what to do about it and repair machines or systems using the required/ needed tools


A diploma in mechanical or electromechanical engineering or any related field.

· Ability to speak and write clearly, articulately, and fluently in both Kinyarwanda and English or Kinyarwanda and French preferred.

How to Apply:

Send your C.V, Application Letter and copies of your degrees and certificates to:


Deadline of Application is 1st December 2014

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    you should show the clients product produced in industry of potatoes different persons are confused about your product for potatoes ,which kind of product , I think price of potatoes can be high price in that local communities,from farmers around there which strategy do you have about pricing and costing? .

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