Akazi muri WDA: Imyanya 4 (Deadline: 14th October 2014 at 5: 00 pm.)

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  • Akazi muri WDA: Imyanya 4 (Deadline: 14th October 2014 at 5: 00 pm.)

Akazi muri WDA: Imyanya 4 (Deadline: 14th October 2014 at 5: 00 pm.)

Empowering people with employable skills and entrepreneurship capacity

P. O. BOX 2707

Tel: (+250) 255113365

E-mail: info@wda.gov.rw

Website: www.wda.gov.rw


The work force Development Authority (WDA) is a legally established Government Institution under law Number 03/2009 of 27/03/2009 as amended by law N°39/2011 of 13/09/2011 with a mandate of empowering Rwandans with the right skills for successful implementation of National Development programmes.

WDA is implementing National Employment Program (NEP). National Employment Program is identified under EDPRS2 as a strategy to optimize impact of employment interventions, contribute to meet national employment agenda of creating 200,000 off-farm jobs per year, generate employment opportunities needed for vulnerable young men and women and transform current vulnerable jobs into productive and remunerative jobs.

One of the responsibilities of the Workforce Development Authority (WDA) will be to conduct a targeted massive short-term vocational training and apprenticeship, up-grade technology for craftsmen and artisans and provide refresher courses and soft skills.
In order to successfully achieve the objectives under NEP, WDA seeks to recruit competent Rwandans to fill the following positions on one year contract;

Post Title NEP Short Term Skills Development Specialist (1)
Key duties and responsibilities
Manage the implementation of NEP by providing leadership to ensure the achievement of set goals
Ensure that the activities are implemented in accordance with the set guidelines and procedures
Prepare NEP training annual implementation plan in accordance with the set principles.

Coordinate with relevant organs to ensure that all activities are well managed.
Supervise NEP staff and coordinate with the supervisors for the implementation of various activities.
Provide technical guidance and support to staff including WDA staff to ensure that the program activities are implemented as planned.
Prepare and submit periodic reports to WDA management on NEP performance indicators.
Identifies priorities, prepares strategies and plans for achieving short course goals and objectives and recommends them to relevant authority for approval;
Supervises the execution of activities financed under NEP in accordance with agreed plans and standards;
Evaluates the outputs, outcomes and impact of short courses financed activities;
Ensures that NEP funds are spent properly in accordance with approved plans and ensure that expenditures are appropriately recorded;
Providing service support to the relevant Committees put in place for the NEP proper management
Manage and monitor the implementation of activities of NEP including; the awarding of contracts to service providers, taking necessary corrective action, evaluation of outputs, outcomes and impacts of the NEP.
Report to relevant authorities any deviations from implementation plans and budgets and work to help resolve implementation problems that may arise..
The Coordinator shall facilitate during the audit of the NEP activities.
Assist in the preparation of evaluations or other research activities and studies.
Co-ordination of TVET NEP meetings and seminars

Person specifications
A postgraduate degree in Economics, Education/MBA, Engineering or equivalent.
A minimum of five (5) years programme management experience, education management or Bachelor’s degree in the above fields with 7 years of experience
Technical expertise within training and education
Experience working with or within both the public and private sector
Staff supervisory experience and demonstrated organizational skills
Excellent computer/information systems skills and oral and written communication skills and ability to use social media
Ability to manage programmes effectively - consistently ensuring timeliness and quality of programme work.
Experience in training and familiarity with training and development issues would be of great advantage
Experience in the start-up of new programmes or organizations is desirable
Experience in programme evaluation would be advantageous
Excellent in English and Kinyarwanda, working proficiency in French
High degree of integrity and high ethical standards
Special skills: verbal and written presentation skills of high order.

Post Title Curriculum development Facilitation Specialist (1)
Key duties and responsibilities
Define occupational profiles and competency standards for all areas of the sector in collaboration with Pedagogy Coordinators, Curriculum Methodological (special Didactics) Coordinators and Technical Expert Groups (TEGs.)
Guide the harmonized translation of occupational profiles into national occupational Standards together with the industry, training providers and critical policy makers.
Plan, organize and coordinate the design, development, testing, monitoring and evaluation of the curricula for all areas of the sector.
Plan, organize and coordinate the design, development, testing, monitoring and evaluation of Teachers/Trainers’ guides, learners’ manuals and other pedagogic aids for technical Education and vocational training under his/her responsibility.
Prepare periodic reports (quarterly or biannual) on the state of curriculum and propose Strategies for its improvement.
Plan and organize regular meetings with Technical Expertise Groups (TEG) and Manpower Skills Training Council (MSTC) to match the curriculum with changing labour market needs (changing and new occupations).
Train Pedagogy Coordinators, Curriculum Methodological (special didactics) Coordinators in methodology of curriculum development.
Transmit and explain proper use of curriculum and teaching/training aids to the TOT and Examination units, as well as the quality assurance and accreditation department.
Monitor the training of trainers in the use of the curriculum by the Curriculum
Methodological (special didactics) Coordinators
Performs any other duties as may be assigned by the supervisor.
Person specifications
Bachelor’s degree in Education, Pedagogy or equivalent in related field
2 years of related experience as a teacher/lecturer
Substantial experience in curriculum development is desirable.
Must be computer literate and able to use the internet, eg consult websites, access information, download material/make entries electronically,
Have good, written and verbal communication skills in English language.

Post Title: Training Assessment and competency certification Officer (1)
Key duties and responsibilities
Create and maintain the databank of question papers (collection and selection of questions) in his/her field of specialization.
Organizing exam materials, providing safe custody of and organizing
Examination stationery and materials in accordance with regulations.
Providing a centre timetable to include dates, times, venues and number of candidates
Organizing the examination rooms, in accordance with regulations.
Resolving examination clashes in accordance with regulations.
Briefing candidates on examination regulations and producing written guidelines for staff and students; ensuring candidates are aware of their Examination timetables.
Collecting and dispatching worked scripts in accordance with the Regulations.
Arranging invigilation, including briefing and training invigilators in Examination procedures
Producing analyses of examination results as soon as practicable.
Providing statistics on examination entries and results for the senior management team.
Encouraging a positive examination culture in the TVET field to which all Staff and students subscribe.
Keeping up to date with the requirements of the role.
Maintain accurate records of all examinations, including seating plans and registers
Prepare and implement the requirements for the examination centers
Supervise the registration process and data entry
Participate in preparation of rules and regulations of the examination and certification
Monitor the printing of examinations booklets
Ensure delivery of exams (Practical and theory)
Participate in establishing the grading system
Supervise the marking of examinations
Participate in departmental action plans
Participate in preparation of annual report
Participate in student orientation
Assist the public with information regarding certification programs under NEP.
Evaluate transcripts of graduates and potential students who seek certification
Prepare material regarding certification for students.
Conduct information sessions for students interested in certification and seminars for student teaching interns.
Maintain certification forms and keep NEP officials and students updated on relevant changes to certification.
Complete and submit certification applications to relevant authorities.
Coordinate and facilitate correspondence with Accrediting Agencies/ Offices
Generate reports for State and National accrediting agencies and professional associations
Collect and maintain data required by accrediting agencies such as course syllabi.
Attend meetings and training essential to accreditation
Generate annual reports and documents for continuing national accreditation review.
Provide updates regarding changes in Accreditation policy and standards.
Monitor and update the NEP assessment system to ensure compliance with standards
Maintain student records
Prepare course evaluation packets of all NEP courses.
Act as recording secretary for NEP certification Committee meetings
Interprets, evaluates and communicates NEP policies and practices to assure compliance with certification and licensing standards.
Facilitates processes required for the recommendation to the certificates and endorsements.
Maintains records and statistics regarding testing and certification.
Provides overall management for the Office of Trainer Certification

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering related field
At least 2 years of experience as a teacher/lecturer
Substantial experience Examination & Certification is desirable.
Have good, written and verbal communication skills in English language.
Must be computer literate and able to use the internet,
Access information; download material/make entries electronically,
Knowledge of TVET certification rules and regulations.
Understanding of Certification policies and laws.
The ideal candidate should be skilled in database management
Excellent organizational and communication skills as well as the ability to handle multiple tasks is required to be successful in this position.
Must also be proficient in spreadsheet and word processing applications, especially Microsoft office applications.

Post Title Training Planning & Monitoring Officer (1)
Key duties and responsibilities
Plan, organize, supervise and evaluate the training of TVET trainers as per areas of priority
Identify the venue of training of trainers as per type of training
Liaise with local, regional and international institutions holding training of trainers mandate
Advise on the identification/selection of master trainers as per areas of priority
Participate in the definition of development projects of educational products and courses
Help define areas of intervention on diagnosis and analysis of training needs
Play a role in making proposals and advice as regards to the field trainers
Analyze demand for training by placing it in economic, social, professional, cultural and strategic framework
Set clear training objectives and design the training programs
Determine the methods, means and teaching tools for providing training
Supervise development and upgrade of the curricula, training products and training materials
Look for partners and develop relationships with businesses and communities
Take stock of educational training activity and transmit to relevant interlocutors (ToT Unit, trainers, trainees
Develop programme performance monitoring plan and ensure adherence to plan during programme implementation.
Develop monitoring and evaluation tools and systems that effectively track programme deliverables and progress.
Create evaluation frameworks including specific methodologies to conduct programme evaluations.
Conduct or oversee baseline, mid-line and end-line programmes surveys and gather data into a reportable format.
Devise quantitative and qualitative indicators, benchmarks and data sources for program deliverables.
Organize M&E site visits to ascertain status of programme achievements and undertake interviews and discussions with program staff and stakeholders.
Record data and prepare reports following each program monitoring visit.
Provide pertinent monitoring and evaluation data to the programme Manager to strategically inform decisions on programme implementation.
Document best practices and success stories and prepare documentation for public relations purposes.
Assist the NEP Coordinator and WDA Director General with preparation of high quality quarterly and annual reports that highlight programme achievements and milestones.
Make clear, concise, and of high technical quality presentations and materials shared in different fora with key partners.
Prepare monthly M&E reports in time for monthly team reflection meetings
Ensure an end of programme evaluation is carried out and carry out a lessons learnt event.
Development of policies and tools for monitoring and evaluation of programs
Reporting and documentation for both internal and external purposes
Research to support development of new program proposals
Develop quality assurance and quality enhancement strategies of the NEP
Person specifications
A bachelor’s degree in Economics, Statistics, Development Studies, Population Studies or any other field with special focus on M&E and research funded programs.
A Postgraduate degree in the above mentioned field is an added advantage
A minimum of 3 years of experience in monitoring and evaluation of large funded programs.
Proficiency in evaluation design and development of indicators.
Good working knowledge of statistics and ability to obtain, analyze and interpret data and present findings in written and oral form.
Experience in quantitative and qualitative data collection/survey design, implementation and analysis
Experience with monitoring and Evaluation System Development
Competent in qualitative methodologies and participatory assessments
Excellent oral and written communication skills.
Should have excellent computer skills on MS Excel, SPSS, Epi-info and SAS
Proven skills in process and group facilitation, training and capacity building
Fluency in English is essential
Presentation and facilitation skills are desirable

Interested candidates should submit hard copies of; the filled application form together with Curriculum Vitae (CV) detailing their academic qualifications and professional experience in the above mentioned areas, testimonials to prove their experience, photocopies of their academic certificates, transcripts and National Identity card to the Director General of WDA or use the buton bellow Apply for this job. Note that failure to attach any of the above mentioned documents may lead to disqualification.

Interested candidates should submit their application to WDA Offices in Remera not later than 14th October 2014 at 5: 00 pm.

More information may be obtained on the following website: www.wda.gov.rw, or call on Tel: (+250) 0255113365 from 07:00 am to 5:00 pm on from Monday to Thursday and from 7:00am to 2:00 pm on Friday.

Done at Kigali 7th October 2014



For more information, download the attached document .

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