Declared dead by his wife, he failed two years to concince people that he is alive

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A Romanian who had failed to convince the judges that he was alive has finally been successful, two years after being declared dead by his wife, was learned Wednesday from judicial source.

Constantin Reliu, 63, was dismissed in March by a court in Vaslui (north-east), who refused to cancel his death certificate, although he appeared in person before the judges. The court did not detail the reasons for the rejection of the petition, but according to the Romanian media, it was made out of time.

Not a "living dead"

Refusing the status of "undead", he made a new petition, which was finally accepted by the Barlad court (north-east), his hometown. This sexagenarian cook will still have to wait another month before he can take control of his life: anyone with doubts about the veracity of his life can appeal the decision of the court within 30 days.

Declared dead by his family

After working in Turkey in the early 1990s, Mr. Reliu discovered, when he returned to Romania in January, that he had been declared dead by his family in the absence of news from him. His return from the "dead" was particularly difficult for the sexagenarian: he survives thanks to the support of the neighbors because, for lack of official proof that he is alive, he could not be employed legally nor benefit from social benefits.

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