To promote tourism, Namibia offers virgin girls to Europeans

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Tourism in Namibia is an important industry, contributing N $ 7.2 billion to the country’s gross domestic product. Every year, more than a million travelers visit Namibia, are not found in three of South Africa, then Germany and finally the United Kingdom, Italy and France.

The country is among the major destinations in Africa and is known for ecotourism that features Namibian wildlife. In December 2010, Lonely Planet ranked Namibia fifth among the world’s top tourist destinations in terms of value.

A group of investors who left France to visit this country was chosen by the tour guide so that each of them is a virgin Namibian girl for pleasure. . The tour guide told them it was a new law put in place by the government to promote tourism in the country.

One of the tourists was introduced to Namibian girls dressed in cultural dresses and ready to do what he wanted. "At first, I thought it was a joke with when I slept with a girls girl before I realized the best tourist destination in Africa," said one of the tourists.

The tour guide has set them up so that tourists stay much longer in the country and spend more money. Since then, more and more tourists are visiting the country compared to previous years.

Author : Nsanzimana Ernest

Nsanzimana Ernest ni Umwanditsi mukuru w’Ikinyamakuru Umuryango. Yatangiye gukorera iki kinyamakuru muri Nzeli 2016, afite Impamyabumenyi y’Icyiciro cya Kabiri cya Kaminuza (A0) mu Itangazamakuru n’Itumanaho yakuye muri Kaminuza y’u Rwanda Ishuri ry’ itangazamakuru n’ itumanaho


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  • chat_bubble Eva

    This is human trafficking. The Namibian government has to know that it is totally illegal and acts accordingly

    1 month ago


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