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When a couple plans to get married, parents and counsellors give them advice months or weeks prior to the wedding about the key knots that can hold their relationship together till death does them part. Although the most important aspect of a relationship is love, there are words, when if said, can go a long way in keeping your love blossoming.

Most relationship counsellors say aside from love, respect and good communication are key to the relationship and are what keeps a relationship strong and healthy.
Ps Felix Ssemujju, a marriage counsellor quotes Proverbs 16:24 that says; “pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones”.
“These are very simple words that build one’s confidence, heal broken hearts and emotional wounds.” “They also make the person feel loved and special,” he says.


However if you want to keep the sparkle in your relationship, it is imperative that you both know the art of communication and the sweet words or statements to use in your day to day lives.

I love you

No matter how long you have lived with your partner, Ps David Bweyinda of Redeemed Church, Masajja, says saying; “I Love You”, reminds one of their position in your heart.
Reminding someone of how much you love them makes them feel secure. This will make them stay focused and keep the love flowing.

Thank you
This shows the kindness and respect one has for the other. It is a very simple but powerful statement. According to Christopher Senyimba, a relationships coach, saying thank you is being appreciative of the time, energy and skill or knowledge one puts in to do something for you. This can actually ruin a marriage the moment one realises that their efforts are not being appreciated, they give up.

What do you think about this?
When you come together as one, you are expected to consult each other in everything you do. “Do not take the lead and expect the other party to just follow,” cautions Senyimba. He says find out their opinion. This shows that you value or treasure their opinion or insights.


This is one word that will bring out humility, love, concern and emotions the person you are asking will show. “Please speaks to my inner self and helps me appreciate that my partner not only wants me to do something but actually appreciates all I do for them,” says Senyimba. He notes that couples should not be ordering all the time but politeness shows the respect you have for your spouse thus a positive response.
I am sorry
This is a magical word that can put things right in a relationship. It restores the relationship that has been in a mess, according to Ps Ssemujju. However, if you feel sorry is too hard a word to say, Senyimba gives an alternative of “I own my mistakes”. It shows that you are sensitive about the other person’s feelings.

I miss you
We have sentiments as human beings, so telling someone how you miss them means there is that sensation you bring in their life. The feeling of wanting to enjoy your presence makes them feel important and loved.

You look good
This is a complement which shows you appreciate your partner’s sense of fashion or style and they are the only ones you can ever think of.

You are beautiful or handsome
This restores one’s confidence. Telling them about how beautiful or handsome they are shows that no one matches their status where you are concerned. No matter how long you have been with them, keep complimenting them on their beauty.

I believe in you

This applies in cases where your partner is doing something or heading for a task. Tell them you believe in them to boost their confidence. It is a great motivator that gives them a reason to fight and achieve.
Couples are advised to always say these words without getting tired because only then will they boost love in their relationship.

More words

I treasure you. It shows your partner how good you enjoy their company, and are happy to have them as part of your life.
I care about you. Saying this shows that you mind about your partner’s wellbeing thus keeping the love and feelings for one another strong.

I need you. This reminds one that they still have a place in their partner’s heart. Ps David Bweyinda of Redeemed Church, Masajja, says “It is good to remind someone of their importance. Pamper them and let them live a happy life.”

Author : Nsanzimana Ernest

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