A very dangerous practice. If you sleep with your phone then read this message!

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Staying reachable at any time is important to you. Still, keeping your cell phone on all night, under your pillow or on your bedside table, is not necessarily the best idea. What do you really risk keeping your mobile device active next to you? Here is a tragic story that should dissuade you from falling asleep while playing Candy Crush or leaving the phone in charge.

The harmfulness of the phone, myth or reality?

You are also one of those millions of people who have trouble getting rid of their connected objects from morning to night, and if you were told that sleeping with your cellphone posed health risks. Indeed, experts agree on the harmful effects related to this mania that appear in the long term, including insomnia, nightmares, headaches, nausea or dizziness. The blue light emitted by the screen has a stimulating effect on the brain by repressing the sleep hormone: melatonin.

Worse still, the risk of glioma, a particularly formidable type of brain cancer, is increasing among heavy mobile phone users. This is demonstrated by researchers at the University of Bordeaux. This is an argument for a more moderate use, which is likely to rekindle the eternal debate over the impact of the mobile phone on health.

The different studies agree that the phone would make people on the alert. Even during the night, their subconscious remains alert, which does not allow the user to relax and interferes with his sleep, because having it at hand, he says unconsciously that he expects something, a call or an unexpected message. Hello cell stress! The system of self-regulation of the heart rhythm or the biological clock is completely turned upside down. There is a high risk of becoming depressive or nomophobic. If by all means you do not have your phone on you, you are panicked, distraught and persuaded not to be safe without your gadget in your hand. Not to mention the syndrome of the imaginary ring, and yet we survived well before the age of the mobile phone.

The ionizing radiation that smartphones emit may be harmful, although their toxicity has not been clearly demonstrated. The WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified these electromagnetic frequencies as "potentially" carcinogenic to humans. Other effects are not ruled out, indeed, putting his cell phone in his pocket affects the spermatozoa and their viability.

Moreover, the electromagnetic waves of phones are not the only ones to be pointed out. The composition of phones goes on the grill, some phones contain metals such as chrome, cobalt or nickel. Scientists have identified 37 cases of corollary allergies to frequent or prolonged cell phone use, including contact dermatitis and skin allergies that occur after exposure to a chemical.

Children are not immune to the effects of the phone on neurodevelopment. A study has shown that those who used a laptop before the age of 7, were more likely to suffer from hyperactivity and emotional or driving disorders.

The phone increases the risk of fatal accidents

In the 2000s, several incidents of explosions or burns caused by batteries of mobile phones raised questions of safety but also of use. The consequences can be disastrous for the user. This is the case of a girl who has paid a heavy price. The police had discovered his inert body, headphones in his ears and the smartphone in his hand. It is the overload of his phone that would be the cause of this fatal incident. When his remains were found, his swollen face showed signs of burning in his ears. It seems that the girl fell asleep while listening to music.

This case would not be isolated, hundreds of burns related to the explosion of a phone are recorded around the world. The cause of these incidents is that some lithium-ion batteries are overheating. If this manufacturing defect is rare, precautionary measures are required. Do not leave your phone near your body at night or put it in "airplane" mode to cut electromagnetic emissions.

Author : Nsanzimana Ernest

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