Girl jailed for threatening to hit her genital in Museveni teeth

eng   Yanditswe na: Nsanzimana Ernest 1 November 2018 Yasuwe: 246

Court has remanded Suzan Namata to Luzira prison for recording a video threatening to hit President Museveni with her vagina unless he released Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine from Makindye military prison.

According to a police charge sheet, Namata, 21, referred to H.E Museveni as “buttocks” “faeces” and threatened to hit her vagina in his teeth.

“People power, release our man. Museveni, you are like your grandfather’s buttocks. We are going to the beach now but if we come back and you haven’t released Bobi Wine by then, we will hit our vaginas in your teeth,” Namata threatened in Luganda.

She has been in police custody for two months where she was charged with cyber harassment towards the person of the president and offensive communication both contrary to the Penal Code Act.

She recorded the video in August 2018 during the detention of Bobi Wine who was accused of stoning Museveni’s car windscreen in Arua town.

On Wednesday, Namata appeared before Buganda Road Court Grade One Magistrate Stella Maris Amabilis where she denied the charges.

She asked court to grant her bail saying she has a heart problem and has been down with malaria.

The magistrate set her bail application on Thursday.

Prosecution accuses her of using electronic communication to transmit videos offensive in nature via WhatsApp to disturb or attempted to disturb the peace, quiet or right to privacy of the president.

Author : Nsanzimana Ernest

Nsanzimana Ernest ni Umwanditsi mukuru w’Ikinyamakuru Umuryango. Yatangiye gukorera iki kinyamakuru muri Nzeli 2016, afite Impamyabumenyi y’Icyiciro cya Kabiri cya Kaminuza (A0) mu Itangazamakuru n’Itumanaho yakuye muri Kaminuza y’u Rwanda Ishuri ry’ itangazamakuru n’ itumanaho


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