Japan & Rwanda launched digital program for transforming Primary Mathematics Education through ICT

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The Director General of Rwanda Education Board (REB) Dr. Irénée NDAYAMBAJE, Chief Representative of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Rwanda, Mr. Hiroyuki Takada, and Mr. Kenya YOKOYAMA, the Chief Executive of Sakura-Sha, the Japanese leading ICT solution provider for education on 11th October 2018 officially launched the joint collaboration, titled “the Verification Survey with the
Private Sector for Disseminating Japanese Technologies for Utilization of ICT to Improve the Quality ofPrimary Mathematics Education in Rwanda”.

The purpose of the verification survey is to verify the effectiveness of the localized Interactive Mathematics (IM) to improve Math lessons by teachers and Math learning achievement in the primary schools in Kigali, and to discuss the plan for disseminating IM into public primary schools in Rwanda
along the policy of “SMART Classroom” and the business model in education markets in Rwanda.

The use of ICT in Education is regarded as a strategic lever to promote the improvement of the quality of education for achieving the transformation (SMART Education policy 2015 and ICT in Education policy
2016). The key program implemented in the Education sector is known as “SMART Classroom”.

SAKURA has already conducted a preliminary Feasibility Survey which was assisted by JICA in 2016 and found that the lack of effective educational software content was one of the issues for utilizing ICT
efficiently in Education. The products of “Interactive Mathematics (IM) software” developed by SAKURA
could be one of the solutions to address the challenges of ICT in Education and establish an “Interactive and Student Centered” Mathematics learning system.
This collaboration sets the goals to contribute to the challenges in ICT in Education along with SMART Education, and activities to verify and disseminate IM for Rwanda customized to deliver “Interactive and
Student-centered” Mathematics lesson.

Author : Nsanzimana Ernest

Nsanzimana Ernest ni Umwanditsi mukuru w’Ikinyamakuru Umuryango. Yatangiye gukorera iki kinyamakuru muri Nzeli 2016, afite Impamyabumenyi y’Icyiciro cya Kabiri cya Kaminuza (A0) mu Itangazamakuru n’Itumanaho yakuye muri Kaminuza y’u Rwanda Ishuri ry’ itangazamakuru n’ itumanaho


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