President Museveni’s car smashed in riot

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A car belonging to President Museveni’s motorcade was reportedly vandalised and its hind screen shattered in the chaos and gun fire that rocked Arua town on Monday evening.

Police spokesman Emilian Kayima, in a statement released to the press, said that the president’s motorcade was attacked in Arua. This was after security forces reportedly fired live bullets to disperse opposition supporters who were marching in the town.

Mr Kayima was giving a “situation report” following reports that a one Yasin Kawuma - who was driver of Kyaddondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine - had been shot dead in Arua town.

Bobi Wine is in Arua to campaign for independent candidate Kassiano Wadri.

The MP was soon after also reportedly picked up by security personnel, and his whereabouts are currently unknown. Some journalists, too, are reportedly missing.

“I want to give a situation report of what transpired this evening in Arua as all candidates finalised the campaigns to the elections of Wednesday, August 15 2018.

At around 6.30pm, the president’s motorcade was attacked by hooligans at Prisons Cell in Arua Municipality, as the President left Boma grounds where he had held the last rally for his candidate.

One of the president’s lead cars was attacked and smashed by these hooligans that were donning colours of one of the contestants in this election Mister Kassiano Wadri.

Security forces quickly intervened to calm down the situation, and the situation became riotous as many were pelting stones at the convoy of the president, which is unacceptable.

However it should be noted that earlier in the day, at about 4pm, as the president proceed to Boma Ground, a grader intercepted his convoy again, and this grader has since been apprehended and brought to police station in Arua. The grader is UAP 064 R.

The motive is clear. It is bound to have to been intended to commit a crime.

It should be noted that this grader was wrapped in the colours as those that were attacking and those smashed one of the lead cars at prison cell. We condemn these acts of violence that do not show how mature we are politically.

The scene of crime has been secured and is being managed very well by our police officers on the ground and the situation has been contained.

A number of suspects have been arrested to help with investigations. Details on this situation will be provided in due course,” read Mr Kayima’s statement.

The Arua Municipality MP seat fell vacant after the assassination of MP Ibrahim Abiriga in June.

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Author : Nsanzimana Ernest

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