Kirumira killing: New details emerge on detained officer

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Details have emerged following the murder of former Buyende District Police Commander, Muhammad Kirumira that show Ismail Senono, one of the arrested police officers, as the first officer who reached Rubaga Hospital where the deceased was taken to.

Kirumira was gunned down on September 8, together with Resty Nalinya Mbabazi in Bulenga in Wakiso District. Mr Senono, an Assistant Superintendent of Police who until recently was the in-charge of operations at Old Kampala Police Station, was two weeks ago arrested on suspicion of taking part in the murder of Kirumira.
Sources in security said they were prompted to arrest Mr Senono after his mobile number was found to have been communicating with the assailants before and after Kirumira’s murder. Sources close to the investigations said Senono’s behaviour before and after Kirumira’s murder was suspicious.

“Senono was very critical of Kirumira, his quick response to see Kirumira at Rubaga Hospital where he was rushed remains suspicious,” the source said.
The source also said even though Mr Senono showed concern, when Kirumira’s body was taken to Old Kampala Mosque for prayers in vicinity of Old Kampala Police Station, he did not appear there nor did he attend the burial.
Mr Senono was arrested together with Police Flying Squad officers; David Bamwesigye and Deus Byaruhanga, a former driver with the unit.

The arrest of Mr Senono, sources further said, has dampened the confirmation of the 1,200 cadet assistant superintendents of police who were trained and posted into responsible positions throughout the country.

“Senono’s case shows there was no background check on many of these cadets which puts the work of police in jeopardy. Some of these cadets have a criminal background,” the sources said. The cadets were deployed in September 2016 but up to date they have not been confirmed.

Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said he did not have details about the investigations.
“I will get a detailed briefing about the arrests from the director and I will share with the media,” he said.
Mr Vicent Sekatte, the spokesperson for the Directorate of Criminal Investigations that oversees the operations of Flying Squad, could not confirm the arrest of the two officers attached to the unit.
“I do not have my phone [contacts] right now to speak to the Commandant Flying Squad,” he said yesterday.
Kirumira’s woes resulted in his being arraigned before the Police Tribunal where he was accused, among other cases, of eating someone’s rolex (snack).
On February 1, officers from the Flying Squad tried to arrest Kirumira from his home in Buloba but he barricaded himself inside the house. While inside the house, Kirumira described Flying Squad operatives as Kifeesi.

“Police has sent Kifeesi goons to arrest me but I will not accept until the IGP does it in a formal way,” the deceased told onlookers during the standoff at his house.
A source at Old Kampala revealed that this description put Kirumira and some members of the Flying Squad on a collision course.
Following Kirumira’s murder, President Museveni visited the murder scene where residents identified one of the assailants as a Flying Squad operative and a resident in the same area.
Kirumira joined the police as a constable who rose through the ranks to become an assistant superintendent of police.

Author : Nsanzimana Ernest

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