They swap places in an airplane, it’s the beginning of a captivating story

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This anecdote in full flight has fascinated thousands of people on the web.
As they were returning home on a flight to Dallas Texas, Rosey Blair and her boyfriend found that they were not sitting together on the plane. The young woman then asked her neighbor in front of them to exchange her place with her. "We joked that maybe her new neighbor would become the love of her life," she commented on Twitter.

Throughout the flight, Rosey did not believe her eyes, she attended the beginning of a love story and shared photos of this beautiful moment with Internet users. "They are both sports coaches, they do not stop talking and smiling," she said. "I hope they will fall in love!" What was initially a joke quickly captivated thousands of people on the web, who have also invested in this new relationship live

More than 400,000 people liked the "thread" of Rosey on Twitter, while she observed the rapprochement of two strangers with attention, scrutinizing the slightest gesture. "Alert, they’ve just gone to the bathroom together!" The young Texan said they had left two when landing at the Dallas airport. And faced with the craze of the web, the mysterious passenger has been identified: his name is Euan Holden and he is a former football player. "It’s so funny, I knew you were taking photos!" He said.

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