A day after burial of former minisiter Nekyon his daughter died

eng   Yanditswe na: Nsanzimana Ernest 7 May 2018 Yasuwe: 355

The daughter of former Minister, late Akbar Adoko Nekyon who was buried on Saturday, has also passed on from the United Kingdom.

Sarah Apio, one of the twins Mzee Nekyon produced with Mrs. Florence Nekyon died on Sunday, a day after the burial of her dad.

According to family members, Sarah succumbed to intestinal cancer that was diagnosed late and attempts to save her life were futile.

The funeral arrangement for the deceased is yet to be announced by the family that is still recovering from the loss of Mzee Nekyon.

Nekyon who served in 3 portfolios as cabinet minister from independence in 1962 until his resignation in 1966, died at the age of 86 from Nsambya hospital on Friday last week. He was laid to rest at his ancestral home in Chegere sub-county, Apac district.

Author : Nsanzimana Ernest

Nsanzimana Ernest ni Umwanditsi mukuru w’Ikinyamakuru Umuryango. Yatangiye gukorera iki kinyamakuru muri Nzeli 2016, afite Impamyabumenyi y’Icyiciro cya Kabiri cya Kaminuza (A0) mu Itangazamakuru n’Itumanaho yakuye muri Kaminuza y’u Rwanda Ishuri ry’ itangazamakuru n’ itumanaho


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