StarTimes – Excited to get connected with the first customer of StarTimes GO!

INKURU ZAMAMAZA   Yanditswe na: Ubwanditsi 20 May 2020

The customer: Dushimimana Aimable (Left); and the car fleet captain: Shema Emmanuel (Right).

With the launch of the integrated e-shopping platform StarTimes GO, the company is excited to have connected with the first customer DUSHIMIMANA Aimable, who lives in Kigali.

After watching the TV programme StarTimes GO, the customer decided to buy 24inch TV with Camcard integrated and a DTT entenna. Dushimimana Aimable made a call to StarTimes to order the products and quite pleased with the door to door delivery and installation.

“I am overjoyed with how fast the delivery was, and the fact that I can pay when the product gets delivered to my home, it is superb how StarTimes can easily be accessed in terms of customer care services, I saw the program on TV and a post on social media, called, and now I am receiving the products in less than 48hours as promised. Wow! It show innovation on StarTimes part and how important the customers to the company.

This was the first time for me I experienced to get things delivered to my home, which I’ve never received from other service providers. Thank you StarTimes” Dushimimana Aimable commented.

The captain of car fleet for delivery, SHEMA Emmanuel, has escorted the products to the customer’s home which is about 8 km away from StarTimes HQ.
“It is not quite convenient for a family living this far away to carry these products home,” Shema Emmanuel said, “we hope that the customers can enjoy their shopping with StarTimes GO from the beginning to the end. We are ready to serve Rwanda”.

Together with Shema Emmanuel, the whole team of delivery and installation are quite honoured to complete the mission for serving the first customer of StarTimes e-shopping platform StarTimes GO, especially when they see the smile of satisfaction on the faces of Dushimimana Aimable.

“We have been thinking of the considerate services which make the digital life available to more people, thus here comes the e-shopping platform StarTimes GO. We do appreciate the support and trust given by the customers; and thanks to our staff in call centre, delivery car fleet and installation team, the StarTimes GO is operating as we expected and will keep providing products of quality to the public.” The CEO Deng Sanming explained about the current status of the newly-born e-shopping platform.

Author : Ubwanditsi


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